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Sharpen your knives

You might assume that this advice only adds to your to-do list, but sharp blades eliminate the need for several passes. A small investment of time at the start of the summer can make mowing the grass much easier throughout the season.

Fill Up the Tank

Nothing is more aggravating than running out of gas mid-mow. You should also avoid refueling a heated lawn mower. If you think the tank is low, remember to fill it up before starting the mower again.

Check for Debris on the Lawn

A rock, stick, or baseball is the last thing you need to dull your lawn mower’s recently sharpened blades. Clear these items from the grass before you start mowing to avoid annoyance and harm.

Mowing at the Perfect Time

Mowing is best done while the weather is cool, such as in the morning or evening. Mowing while it’s cool helps to maintain moisture where it’s needed: in the roots. It also helps to prevent heat fatigue.

Even yet, the nighttime is preferred to the morning since it allows the grass to recuperate for 12 hours before the sun rises. The grass is also usually dewy or moist in the morning after being watered, and you shouldn’t mow when the grass is wet for your own personal safety and the health of your grass.

A no-nonsense Lawn Mowing Cheat-Sheet

Maintain a Long Enough Grass

Although you may believe that giving your lawn a severe cut will extend the time between mows, cutting more than one-third of the blade at a time will damage the grass. Longer blades also shade the ground, slowing evaporation and preventing weed germination. More regular, less harsh trims result in a healthier grass and fewer weeds in this manner.

If you need some ideas about what to read next, here they are:

Keep Grass in the Shade for Even Longer

Longer grass means deeper roots. Because grass growing beneath a tree competes for water and nutrients with tree roots, leave it longer than grass growing in full sun to help it stay as healthy as possible by leaving it longer than the grass growing in full sun.

Rethink Your Mowing Schedule

It’s easy to cut the grass on a set weekly schedule, but keep in mind that hot, dry weather slows the growth of cool-season grass. In these conditions, you’ll be happy to hear you can mow less frequently without harming the grass.

Modify Your Mowing Pattern

You may get into the habit of always mowing in the same direction, but because grass tends to lean in the direction you mow, switching up your mowing patterns each time can stimulate more upward growth and avoid ruts.

Lawn Mowing

Remove the Bag

Do you believe it’s a good idea to leave grass clippings behind? Perhaps, but this method of organic fertilization returns nitrogen and other important elements to the soil. As a free strategy to create a healthier lawn, make sure you shoot grass clippings onto places you’ve already mowed.

On hills, use caution

Never mow straight up and down if you have a steep yard. This may cause you to fall and hurt yourself. Mow from side to side across the hill for easier grass mowing and a lower risk of injury.

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