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In the early spring, just before the grass-growing season, there will be a wide selection of lawn mowers available at your neighborhood home improvement or landscaping store. But is this the time to purchase a lawnmower? No, not always.

When shopping for lawn mowers in the spring, be prepared for higher prices, just like with any other seasonal item in high demand. 

The greatest time to buy a lawn mower is really when you don’t need it because that’s when stores are ready to sell their inventory at a significant discount, saving you from sticker shock.

Most Ideal : Early Fall

Early fall is the greatest time of year to purchase a lawn mower since the cooler temperatures prevent grass from growing until the following spring. 

Although it sounds illogical to spend a lot of money on something you won’t use for several months, your wallet will appreciate it. 

You’re likely to find some excellent deals on items like fertilizer and grass seed as retailers slash their prices in an effort to get rid of their spring and summer yard work inventory.

The downside of a good deal is that you can be forced to buy lawn mower models that nobody else wants. This includes outmoded, outdated mowers whose parts may be challenging to fix or replace in the future. 

It might also imply that all of the models with lower prices are sold out, leaving only the top-tier models in stock. Even while these premium mowers will still be cheaper than standard models, you may not be willing to pay so much for a mower in the first place.

Planning to buy a lawnmower, know the ideal time.

Variety Comes in Spring

When spring finally arrives in late March, the temperatures are (typically) still low enough to prevent grass growth. 

But at that time, lawnmowers will be in the best supply at hardware stores. The latest models will be available for you to choose from, but there may be no way for you to get a deal on any of them.

It would be a good idea to sign up for any store coupons or store credit cards that offer a discount on purchases and use those instead if you absolutely need a lawn mower before the growing season.

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Summer Sales are attractive

There are lots of chances to get deals on everything from lawn furniture to lawn equipment in the late spring and early summer. For mower 

However, keep in mind that lawn mowers won’t drop to ridiculously low rates throughout the summer, so try to wait until they do in the fall.

Planning to buy a lawnmower, know the ideal time.

Winter’s not ideal

Winter may be a stretch after all that has been stated about buying a lawn mower in the off-season. Even if you wanted to buy yard supplies for the spring in advance, there might not be any in stock in addition to the fact that your grass is probably covered in snow.

You might not even have access to buy a lawn mower at this time of year when merchants are placing orders and waiting for inventory to arrive. 

Additionally, there’s a significant probability that you’ll have to pay full price if the retailer does order one for you. Better to wait till the store receives the fresh ones in the early spring.

So what is there for off-season buyers?

Make sure to test out your brand-new lawn mower before storing it in your storage shed so you’re prepared for the upcoming season. 

You should at least make sure you can turn the mower on if you can’t test it out on a small patch of grass.

Make sure to buy a guarantee so that the retailer or manufacturer will be able to fix or replace your mower if it breaks down in the spring.

Making it through the growing season until the “Everything Must Go!” sign appears at the hardware store isn’t always practical or practicable. The good news is that you can still find lawn mower discounts throughout the rest of the year.

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